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This is a channel specialized in animations and music videos. I hope you enjoy my and my teams work. If yes, I encourage to watch "MassGas" channel up to date. At the end remmember to comment.


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Posted by MassGas - November 19th, 2018

Hey everyone,

Last time I decided to give you a little drawing challange. The point is to use your imagination and say/draw even sing or animate etc. what reperesents your inside. It can be an animal, item, weather, a symbol and even more. For example: I see myself as the skeleton so I want to express that somehow (in the way that I want to express that). And later after you make it just think for a while why you feel that way. Think about your needs, character, actual mood, emotions during making your projects. That will give you the imagination of who you really are and what you expect from yourself. Maybe even give you an inspiration for future creations and change personal art style. This is not a contest so it doesn`t have a deadline or prizes. You can post it whenever you want. You are doing that for yourselves and you can shear it in comments(Don`t be afraid ;) Newgrounds is full of artists which want to see works of others). You can also make an imagination of your friends but only with their permission to share it. So... what else can i say... Have a fun ^^



Posted by MassGas - December 30th, 2017

At first... I`m not back yet :p . Last time i wanted to take part in "Alice in Wanderlands" thematic contest. Unfortunly I didnt make it bacause I had to make 8 pictures and I just made 3 of them. I didnt had enough time to make rest of them so in that way I wasnt able to take part in a contest. So I decided to share my works to you. I hope you will like it. 

I still can`t come back at Newgrounds because I cant find time for that :/. That was a special situation. I try to be back as soon as it possible. I put a link for those 3 images below:




At at the end I wish you that 2018 gonna make all your dreams come true :D.

Posted by MassGas - October 29th, 2017

Unfortunly I need to leave this channel for now. I don`t have enough time to make new things because of private more important stuff I have to do. I can`t say how far this go and when I come back... I don`t know that. That also mean that new animation will come later than I expected. I hope I ll be back as soon as it possible and you`re be able to watch more of my creative stuff ;) . Have a nice day/ night.

Mass Gas

Posted by MassGas - September 6th, 2016

Hello everyone

The first week of "MassGas" channel.  I am very happy that my first video could came out, but this is not the end of my work. In the near future I would like to make some of new stuff: add few pictures to "Trip", add some of my old pictures (I think it`s very cool), and of course publish trailer of new animation. I hope you will like that and don`t forget to show that to your friends :) .